Child Care Aware®, a program of Child Care Aware® of America, is funded by the Office of Child Care, or OCC. OCC is an office of the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

OCC supports low-income working families across the United States through child care fee assistance (subsidies). These subsidies are provided for children from birth to age 13. The assistance promotes children’s learning by improving the quality of child care programs.  This is done in large part through the Child Care and Development Fund, or CCDF. CCDF is a federal block grant that OCC administers to states, tribes, and territories to support quality child care. States have a fair amount of flexibility in the use of these funds. They are able to set their own eligibility requirements and priorities.

OCC also works to create and implement child care policies designed to keep children safe in child care. Through these policies and the CCDF block grant, families can access quality child care. In addition, children are safe, healthy and learning in child care and providers receive support to operate quality programs.

You can visit the OCC website to learn about important initiatives at the Office of Child Care. Currently these include:

  • CCDBG Act of 2014
  • National Website and Hotline Project
  • Emergency Preparedness

Learn more about the Office of Child Care.