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Below is a list of national organizations and associations that provide information for families regarding child development, parenting, and/or child care concerns or questions.

If you find that any of the information below is incorrect, please contact us at info@childcareaware.org.

Children with Special Needs - VI

Learn about valuable resources for parents of children with special needs.


Easter Seals National Headquarters

Offers special needs resources which may include respite care services and other community supports

*There is no chapter of Easter Seals in Virgin Islands*



Offers special needs services that may include respite care, advocacy, training, and support groups

*There is no chapter of ARC in Virgin Islands*


Early Intervention – Infants and Toddlers Program

Early intervention services for infants and toddlers at risk for developmental delays

Phone: (340) 777-8804 ext. 2629 (St. Thomas), (340) 718-1311 ext. 3124 (St. Croix)

Website: www.healthvi.org/programs/family-health/infants-toddlers/index.html

Health and Social Services - VI

Discover resources that will provide more information regarding local services such as health care and child well-being.


Child Protective Services

To report suspected abuse, maltreatment, or neglect of a child

Phone: (340) 774-0930 (St. Thomas), (340) 773-2323 (St. Croix), (340) 776-6334 (St. John)

Website: www.dhs.gov.vi/CYS/protection.html


Child Support Enforcement

Child support application and procedures for your state

Phone: (340) 775-3070 (St. Thomas), (340) 775-3070 ext. 4050 (St. Croix)

Website: www.pcsd.vi/


Medicaid Eligibility

Federal-State health insurance program for low-income individuals

Phone: (340) 444-3325 (St. Thomas), (340) 718-1311 ext. 3095 (St. Croix)

Website: http://ltg.gov.vi/what-is-medicaid.html


Virgin Islands Department of Human Services  

State government programs and services for children and families

Phone: (340) 774-0930 (St. Thomas), (340) 773-2323 (St. Croix), (340) 776-6334 (St. John)

Website: www.dhs.gov.vi/CYS/index.html


Department of Health, Division of Mental Health, Alcoholism & Drug Dependency Services

State government mental health resources that may offer community mental health services (may include individual, family, and marital counseling), behavioral health services, and substance abuse programs

Phone: (340) 718-1311 ext. 3033

Website:  http://captus.samhsa.gov/capt-geography/location/us-virgin-islands  


Car Seat Basics

Information on car seat regulations and inspection services

Phone: (340) 772-3025 (St. Croix), (340) 776-5820 (St. Thomas)

Website: www.vipd.gov.vi/Departments/Office_of_the_Police_Commissioner/Office_of_Highway_Safety.aspx

Find You Local Inspection Station: www.safercar.gov/cpsApp/cps/index.htm

Child Care - VI

Find out about the ins and outs of child care in your area. What is required to become a provider in your area? What requirements are there for a background check? Does your state offer any quality improvement programs?


Child Care Licensing

Your local child care regulatory office.

Phone: (340) 774-0930 (St. Thomas), (340) 773-2323 (St. Croix), (340) 776-6334 (St. John)

Website: www.dhs.gov.vi/OCCRS/index.html


Inspection Reports    

Find out what programs in your area are in compliance with licensing regulations   

*Inspections not available online. Contact your licensing agency for more information.*

Phone: (340) 774-0930 (St. Thomas), (340) 773-2323 (St. Croix), (340) 776-6334 (St. John)

Website: www.dhs.gov.vi/OCCRS/index.html


Quality Rating Improvement System

Learn about your state’s quality rating system for child care providers

*Virgin Islands’ QRIS is currently in process.*

Financial Assistance - VI

Are you looking for help paying for child care? Buying groceries or diapers? Find out what assistance programs are offered locally.


Virgin Islands Head Start Association

A federal program that promotes the school readiness of children ages birth to five from low-income families

Phone: Contact your local office

Find Your Local Head Start/Early Head Start: http://eclkc.ohs.acf.hhs.gov/hslc/HeadStartOffices



Women, Infants and Children (WIC)

A program offering supplemental foods, health care referrals, and nutrition information to low-income women who are pregnant or have children aged birth to five

 Phone: Contact your local office

Website: www.healthvi.org/programs/family-health/wic/index.html

Find Your Local Office: www.healthvi.org/programs/family-health/wic/index.html


Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

Cash assistance designed to help low-income families achieve self-sufficiency

Phone: (340) 774-0930 (St. Thomas), (340) 773-2323 (St. Croix), (340) 776-6334 (St. John)

Website: www.dhs.gov.vi/financial_programs/TANF.html


Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (formerly Food Stamps)

Federal nutrition program

Phone: (340) 774-0930 (St. Thomas), (340) 773-2323 (St. Croix), (340) 776-6334 (St. John)

Website: www.dhs.gov.vi/financial_programs/food_stamp.html


Low Income Energy Assistance Program

Helps low income households in meeting their immediate home energy needs

Phone:(340) 774-0930 (St. Thomas), (340) 773-2323 (St. Croix), (340) 776-6334 (St. John)

Website: www.dhs.gov.vi/financial_programs/energy_assist.html