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Child Care Glossary

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T & TA

An abbreviation for training and technical assistance.

Tax credit

A specific reduction in tax liability. For more information, click here .

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

Formerly known as AFDC, Aid to Families with Dependent Children. A program that offers assistance and work opportunities to needy families by granting states the federal funds and wide flexibility to develop and implement their own welfare programs. For more information, click here .

Therapeutic child care

Programs commonly integrated as complements of services provided by professional and paraprofessional staff. Included may be well-structured treatment programs for young children provided in a safe, nurturing, stimulating environment.

Tiered reimbursement system

A subsidy payment system offering higher payments for child care that meets higher quality standards or for child care that is in short supply.

Title 1

A program for youth, eighth grade and below, that provides additional support for those needing instruction or assistance.


A child 13 to 36 months of age.

Toy lending libraries

Provides children and parents with games, toys, and other materials that can be used for learning purposes. Lending libraries may be housed in public libraries, public schools, or early childhood centers; birth through primary years.


A change from one environment or service delivery model to another (e.g., leaving early intervention services and entering preschool); moving from one activity in a classroom to another.

Transitional Child Care

Child care subsidies offered to families who have transitioned from a cash assistance system to employment.

Tribal child care

Publicly supported child care programs offered by Native American Tribes in the United States. Federally recognized Tribes are CCDF grantees.