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Child Care Licensing Inspection Reports

To make an informed choice about the best care for your children, you need access to important information. This information can be from a variety of informal and formal sources, one of which is your state licensing agency. A key responsibility of states is to inspect child care programs and ensure they meet required licensing standards, including those related to protecting children’s health and safety. The map below has links to state online licensing information or the contact information for child care licensing agencies in your area.

In the past, parents have faced obstacles in obtaining the reports from these inspections. As a result, they had no way of knowing whether a program was in compliance with licensing regulations. In some states, agencies chose not to make the information available. In other states, parents had to visit licensing offices or wait for written responses to inquiries about specific programs. The result was that some parents have unknowingly put their children in unsafe and unhealthy situations.

To learn more about regulations in your area, click on your state. Each state has a link to the State Child Care Fact Sheet and center and family child care regulations. If available, we have provided a link to the state’s online inspection reports. If your state does not offer online inspection reports, you will find a link to contact information for your state's child care licensing agency.