The child care field is full of dedicated professionals making a difference in the lives of our children. If you’re thinking of joining the field, we applaud you! We also want you to know that when you’re opening a new child care program, we’re here to help your venture get off on the right foot.

This section can help you learn about what might be involved in opening a new child care program. You can read about types of child care businesses and learn about first steps in determining if this kind of business is the right fit for you and your community. We also have tips on finding the right location and the licensing process in your state.

In this section you will find:

Is Child Care the Right Choice? asks you to stop and think about some important questions. You want your business to succeed, so be sure to make some time to evaluate why you want to start a child care business and what your community really needs.

Types of Child Care Businesses is your introduction to the common kinds of child care businesses you may choose to start. See what kinds of specialty programs exist, and learn about different legal structures to choose from.

Finding a Location is your guide to choosing the right space for your program. Learn what you’ll need to think about to be sure your indoor and outdoor spaces are safe, accessible and legal.

Getting Your Business Licensed takes you through the basics of child care licensing. We’ll show you what licensing requirements typically cover and how to get information specific to your state. You’ll also find resources on where you can get started.

Required Background Checks has important information on comprehensive background checks for child care providers. In addition, you’ll find out where to get information on required checks where you live.